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Case (10 Boxes) Blue Nitrile Gloves AQL 1.5

Case (10 Boxes) Blue Nitrile Gloves AQL 1.5

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Latex & Protein Free - MediHands Nitrile Examination Gloves are made from a Latex Free material. Most cases of allergic contact dermatitis are triggered by a protein in latex. Allergies can develop over time, caused by sustained use of latex.

Powder Free - By using a chemical method of smoothing the inside of our gloves, we keep them easy to wear without using powder. The powder commonly found in other rubber gloves can be a cause of contamination in sensitive environments, all MediHands gloves are powder free.

Ambidextrous & Beaded Cuff - Each glove you find in a pack will be identical, so you can wear them on either hand. The beaded cuff offers drip protection for the forearm and increased glove strength, these are a feature on all MediHands gloves.

Durable - Made to be puncture resistant, MediHands gloves maintain a tough barrier between possible contaminants and your hands.

Available in various sizes.

  • Completely seamless
  • Perfect for those with Latex allergy
  • Non Sterile
  • Nitrile
  • 10 x pack of 100
  • Item in blue
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